“Read the Fabulous Manual”.

I’m dealing with a lot of cantankerous music software, so I though this would be sufficiently on-topic.

How do you learn to use a new computer program?

Most people just launch the program and start flailing away inside, clicking on things and seeing what happens. And most people are blissfully unaware of the 95% of the program’s capabilities that they never knew about. All because they didn’t crack the manual.

Now, I’ve done computer training and tech support, and I’ve written computer documentation. So I appreciate manuals (and the people who write them).

Here’s what I do when I get a new computer program:

1) Read the manual while I try everything in the manual out on the actual program

2) Do some thinking about how the manual could be improved and how certain things could have been explained much better.

3) On rare occasion, write some better stuff myself, contact the people who sell the program, and suggest that they make revisions.

4) Eternally resent people who don’t read manuals.