A Solution to the Posture Problem: the Camp Time Roll-A-Chair

Guitarists who like to play sitting down often see their performance suffer due to bad posture. One important component of that is the chair you choose to sit on.

I may go into this in more detail later, but I have found a solution that, to the best of my knowledge, nobody else has written about.

Camp Time Roll-A-Chair
Camp Time Roll-A-Chair

It’s the Camp Time Roll-A-Chair, and it’s designed as a portable chair for camping or hiking (the “roll” refers to the fact that you can roll it up into a small, lightweight bundle for carrying–it doesn’t have casters or wheels). And it’s only US $40 from the manufacturer.

It’s light and highly portable, yet really sturdy, with four legs. It puts your legs where you need them, doesn’t impede blood circulation, and as a bonus, it provides great lower back support, which most chairs don’t.

It makes you sit upright, not slouching down like the folding chairs you get for sitting around and drinking beer while watching a sporting event.

And the great thing is that the chair has just been made available in three different heights (and multiple colors), so you can get the one that fits your physiology. I use the standard model with a 19-inch seat height. The new models are here.

You may be able to find the Camp Time Roll-A-Chair at sporting goods and camping stores; REI carries it. But it’s cheapest if you order it straight from the distributor.

Give it a try. Hours of good posture and relief of tension means hours of unstressful guitar playing and performance.

Postscript: I bought my Roll-A-Chair four or five years ago to sit on at summer camp for a week–not for playing guitar. I needed something to promote good posture in general because of a nagging injury and bulging disk in my neck that caused pinched nerves. I only rediscovered the Roll-A-Chair this year when I started thinking about the importance of posture to the traditional seated position for playing classical guitar. I found the Roll-A-Chair on a shelf in my garage, gave it a try, and realized that it has an entirely new use for me.