Calling Jazz Guitarists with Crossover Guitars

I would like to hear from players who use a crossover nylon-string guitar to play jazz, and other forms of music other than traditional classical guitar music. Please post a comment here. I hope you can contribute to what I’m writing about.

As I’ve mentioned, I got a crossover guitar to play genuine classical guitar music. I play with (well, at this stage I rehearse with) a start-up unamplified classical guitar trio.

But I suspect that most guitarists who play crossover instruments are jazz or bossa nova players (or folk, rock, metal or country players) who don’t care to play traditional classical guitar music. They will also be more likely to use a crossover guitar to play plugged in with a loud stage band, needing to cut through drums, bass guitar and horns. They will play with a thumb pick in addition to their fingers, or they will hold a conventional plectrum pick. They will be looking for different features and a different sound than what I was looking for. They might even prefer a piano-black guitar with gaudy, tacky abalone binding. Hey, those things are being sold to somebody.

So you non-classical nylon-string players out there, from John McLaughlin to Jerry Reed to Richard Smith to Earl Klugh to Rodrigo y Gabriela, and all points in between, please drop me a line.