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Wheat Williams received his Bachelor of Music from Georgia State University, with previous studies at Belmont University School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee. A tenor, he studied operatic voice with Betty Boone and Dr. Ted Wylie, respectively. 

A native of Decatur, Georgia, Wheat is a professional church chorister and soloist, with a lifetime of experience in traditional worship and classical music in churches throughout Atlanta. But he is equally at home not only with traditional Classical music, but also Rock, Pop, Musical Theater, and the Great American Songbook. He teaches Voice at all levels, to students of all ages and interests, along with Guitar, and Beginning Piano to young children.

For three years he was the business manager for the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, a leading early music chamber group. Before that he was a volunteer and consultant with the Bob Moog Memorial Foundation, which applies the history of electronic music to music education. In decades past he was a nationally-published music journalist.

Wheat draws on formal classical training and music theory to build a solid foundation for the student, in any style of music the student wishes to study. He always strives to understand each student from their own perspective, encouraging as well as challenging, helping each one to find their own voice.

Wheat teaches private lessons in established music schools in the Metro Atlanta area. Use the Contact form below to get in touch with Wheat and find out where you can study with him.

Wheat Williams

Wheat Williams

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Wheat Williams

Norcross, Georgia, United States

What happened to the blog?

Sorry, folks. For many years at this site I had a long-running blog where I posted things including

  • Translations of texts from classical sacred choral pieces, with my commentary
  • Transcripts of interviews with a lot of rock stars that I did in the 1980s and 90s back in my professional magazine music journalism days
  • Information about crossover classical guitars, mariachi vihuelas, and other guitar geek stuff
  • Reviews of recent music events in Atlanta

However, after all these years I just can't justify the cost of maintaining an extensive website. So I've taken all that stuff off-line as of October, 2019. I hope to have a solution for publishing some of that content again, as I have been contacted by people all over the world who read my posts.

If you are looking for a page you found at wheatwilliams.com before, use the Contact form and send me an email; I'll see what I can forward to you.

At the International Museum of the Baroque, Puebla City, Puebla, Mexico, January 2018

At the International Museum of the Baroque, Puebla City, Puebla, Mexico, January 2018